One year ago today (02-05-22)

Wow…one year ago today. I was sent home from the hospital after being in the hospital for a week. I was losing a lot of blood, went into a seizure thought God was calling me home. I was sent to the hospital for a blood transfusion with several pints of blood, test after test, all tests came back good and the doctors come into my room to tell me on the 5th day with a puzzled look on their face saying they don’t know what caused the seizure. I knew when they came into the room they weren’t going to be able to tell me what caused the seizure but me with a smirk on my face saying to them…”oh God don’t show up on test.” Can I go home and watch the superbowl now.  


 All of that to say God is the truth. I prayed like no tomorrow and here I am still standing…..Thank you God and Thank you my Love Muffins 


for all your prayers.

#beintentional #beconsistent #be present #warrior #NHLCancersurvivor #childofGod #faithcausedmybreakthrough #faith #prayerwarrior #iwilllivenotdie #godstiming #trustGod #trusttheprocess #faithitforward #teamLboogie #GodsTeam #Lbelieveable #graceandmercy

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