The Final Diagnosis (09/17/20)

There it is..the final diagnosis

Test after could be this it could be that
Let’s try this medication 
Let’s try that one
Dr how long are you going to keep doping me up
Be real, just give it to me straight
The stress of not knowing …wait
Not knowing is called faith right?
I have that!
Another final test..Now the final results
The three words you don’t think of but hear is YOU HAVE CANCER 
It comes out in slow motion along with other words you don’t even hear
No not you…it can’t be true
Now there are three other words that come to mind NEVER SAY NEVER
At that moment I redirected the energy of those words I heard. TRUST THE PROCESS. 
Faith is what I have and what I know
And the only way to get thru this is to grow
Trusting the process will be a road traveled alone
But faith will guide you fully to let you know
You are stronger than you thought you could be
And it will show you this path is for you to open your mind to the possibilities of a beautiful life God had for you just hold on and trust the process. 

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