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One Year

Good morning Love Muffins šŸ„°. It was on this day one year ago (09/17/20). I found out I was diagnosed with Non- Hodkins Lymphoma Cancer. The most devastating news I had ever heard in my entire life. I mean I have been there for others who have had cancer but never had to travel that journey myself. Well I knew with God by my side I would be good. I trusted God’s promise. I consistently said I will live and not die and I will trust this process. I know I am going thru this to show others how to walk this journey in faith. It’s not easy but with trusting God I know my life will be a testimony and I can share with the world my journey to give hope. So today I stand in Remission as of March 23, 2021 and still claiming the victory. I have another chance for life and I didn’t lean on my own understanding. It was beyond me. I couldn’t have done it without God’s loving arms wrapped around me always. If God doesn’t lead me I’m not moving. Trusting Him got me thru. Make your day amazing my day will be AWESOME!šŸ„°












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Age: 51 years old The Journey I am a Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer Survivor of 10 months as of March 23, 2021.Ā  I am a mother of two ages 14 and 21.Ā  A wife of 15 years.Ā  It has been quite a journey with cancer during a pandemic. To be completely honest the challenges have beenContinue reading “Spirtual Nugget”


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