Year end 2022

We are in the last month of the year. It’s time to gather with family and friends, some still by zoon others choose to come together in small groups. As we reflect on the highlights of 2022, what was your ah-ha moment of the year? My ah-ha was having my port removed and going from every 3-month check to every 6 months due to how well I have been taking care of myself and the remission of cancer that consumed me on 9/17/20. March 2022 was the removal of my port.

Everyone should be happy!

One thing that I am not very happy with but a decision was made that my marriage of 15 years came to an end and this would be the first time I had to face life on my own with 2 children. Not only am I trying to figure out a renewed version of myself but then have to deal with a divorce. WOW! These life-changing events in my life are showing me how resilient and strong I am. Yet, being alone, or so I thought, has been peaceful because this has been the first time in my life I have had to live on my own and feel the peace with it. I am still adjusting. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by my life but then I believe in my heart if God brought me to it He will definitely bring me through it. My own peace, my own space. AMAZING.

Moms Birthday Surprise

July 6th was another highlight because I was able to take my mom on her first African American tour of Washington, DC. She has lived in Washington DC all of her life and has never been on a tour of DC. I am happy I was able to provide that for her birthday. We had a great time.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

I always say laughter is the best medicine. When life throws you curve balls go to a good comedy show. I love to attend a great comedy show and being as I have several favorite comedians I love to attend local (DMV) comedy shows. This one was much needed. It was my first time out as a single woman. I took myself out on a date. LOL!!! I have actually been having a great time. I have been doing a lot of that lately. So stay tuned for my comedy tour called “The Way my Cancer was set up.”

New journeys

As I go through this thing called life. I am also trying to make better choices when it comes to my mind body and soul. I journal daily, pray and meditate. I met some new friends at a back to school night. Needless to say, I am still working on the exercise part. LOL

Black Girls Vote Gala

I had the opportunity to be invited to a wonderful gala. It was called Black Girls Vote Gala. It was an evening of elegance promoting the 5 years of success of this organization. This was my daughter’s first Gala attended and she said she had a great time. The room was full of beautiful people.


At the end of the day. I will always show God how grateful I am for all that he has done and what he continues to do for me. Would I change any of it? No. I have seen how I have grown in God’s promises and know I couldn’t have done any of it without it. I have and will continue to trust God and Trust the Process.

New Journeys New Goals

I have come to the realization that I should always look for new journeys and new goals. Life is so amazing it’s time to elevate myself to new places, things and people. Live each day by the second, minute, hour, and be present in it all. Go into the new year Being Intentional Being Consistent and Being Present! See you in the new year.


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